local status page ms120-24P

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local status page ms120-24P

i access the local status page for the ms120-24P ?

dedicated mgmt port on the back doesnt do anything . what am i doing wrong?

Kind of a big deal

The management port should work.  Did you, by chance, also have another adaptor also enabled (like WiFi) on the machine (if so, try disabling it first)?

does the mgmt port have dhcp enabled? my nic is getting a 169.x.x.

The management port does have DHCP enabled.

hmm ok im not getting any suitable ip . ill try factory reset. 

found this (but also not working ) 


  • MS -
    In order to access this address, configure a device with the following IP settings, and then browse the address in a web browser.
    IP address:
    Subnet mask:

Note: Select MS switches have a dedicated management port that can be used without needing to set a static IP on your client.

Head in the Cloud

Worth verifying that the local device status page is enabled in the Meraki Dashboard under Network-Wide -> General.

got it working i was using the dedicated port on the back . once i started using one of the switchports on the front it worked. 

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