i just bought Meraki 220-8P Switch

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i just bought Meraki 220-8P Switch


I just bought Meraki MS220-8P Switch, when i try to ADD in my Cloud dashboard it show (The following devices are already in use:) with its serial number, i try to contact person but not showing up.

what should i do, i already Restored but nothing happen.

Need help to find solution.

Thank You

Kind of a big deal

You bought it second hand? If it was claimed previously and you can't find the last owner and get them to unclaim it then it is worthless and you should try to return it, unfortunately.





Thank You for your help, i am non stop trying to find person again and return it but he is not showing up. any ways my money is wasted to purchased it.

Thank You again and will try to buy new one some other time.

Meraki Employee

Whoever you got it from needs to unclaim it from their dashboard

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You bought  a used one?  The previous owner need to unclaim it.  Maybe the seller is not the previews owner.. 


Not much  you can do then.

Kind of a big deal

Owch, this is one of the downsides of Meraki gear. Not sure how it looks environmentally either when older equipment ends up in a landfill rather than being re-used elsewhere. 

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