Switch profile option not coming in dashboad

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Switch profile option not coming in dashboad

i want to configure the switch profile for VLAN assignment. I saw in meraki document it mentioned that 

  • Switch > Configure > Profiles
  • Click on “Create profile”


but above option not coming. is this feature removed? any suggestion.

Kind of a big deal

What model switch(es) do you have? You don't need to create VLANs on Meraki switches, all VLANs will be passed by default. You will need to create trunk ports, or assign VLANs to access ports as required, and if your switch supports Layer 3 routing you will also need to create the Layer 3 interfaces if you want t use the switch for routing.

Hi Bruce,


The switch model is MS250-48FP. I came to know from Meraki document that to replicate same type of VLAN assignment on ports we can create the Switch Profile however that option is not coming in dashboard.





Switch profiles can be used to bulk configure switches of the same model.

To create a switch profile:

  1. Select the appropriate network template from the network drop-down.
  2. Navigate to Switch > Configure > Profiles.
  3. If no profiles have been created, a Create Profile window will appear. Otherwise, click Create profile.
  4. Select a descriptive name and the switch model to be configured.
  5. Click Save:

I think thats only available for template networks

@praveenpandya : Check Switch profile options here 



Inderdeep Singh
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Greenberet is right, this applies to templates only, here is the relevant text from the documentation:


If multiple switches on a site share the same port configuration, they can easily be deployed and updated using switch profiles. Within a template network, a switch profile defines the per-port configuration for a group of switches.

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