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Switch Stack Clone & Replace

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Switch Stack Clone & Replace

Hi All,


I need to replace a failed Meraki switch that is a member of an existing switch stack. I'm going to use the Clone and Replace feature, however, its not clear what is cloned from the failed/source switch to the replacement/destination switch. Are only the switchport settings etc copied or do these have to be manually reconfigured? Are other settings such as management IP address/hostname etc copied or do these have to be manually reconfigured as well?



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Re: Switch Stack Clone & Replace



Do check the following Url at the bottom of the page it is nicely listed down about all the settings that shall be cloned.


You may also watch the following video in case you wish to understand more on replacing a switch out of a stack.

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Re: Switch Stack Clone & Replace

From the couple of times I have done this everything has been carried across.

The only thing I can't remember is if the hostname is applied.


Two things I have noticed though


1: Some SNMP monitoring systems son't pick up on the change and serial numbers don't get updated (this may not apply)


2: don't forget to unclaim the faulty device otherwise you will start getting License issues

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Re: Switch Stack Clone & Replace

 @Mosquitar,if, as your post suggests, you are replacing a member of a switch stack rather than a standalone switch then please have a look at this document, Replacing and Cloning Stack Members, as the process is slightly different to a straight Clone and Replace, and if its not done properly you can end up with other issues (key point is making sure the replacement switch is on the same firmware as the stack - check on the device status page - before adding it to the stack).

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Re: Switch Stack Clone & Replace

Hostname does not get carried across

Just did this to swap out two individual MS210-48LP one at a time. Everything except hostname/IP (I don't use static anyhow) transferred over to the new switch. Just had to ignore the license warning for the change window until I verified everything was working, then it was good to go. Very simple.
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Re: Switch Stack Clone & Replace

Is this the same steps for replacing an affected device (not in a stack) with the RMA?

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Re: Switch Stack Clone & Replace

There is different steps for standalone switch cloning. Please refer to this documentation
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Re: Switch Stack Clone & Replace

IP-address is not copied.

You can change it later.

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