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Support for 10GE

I have a client that needs to upgrade their 30 machine subnet to 10GE. Is there a recommended Switch that can handle this number of users? Does not need to be a Managed Switch. Need pricepoint under $3,000.

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Kind of a big deal

To clarify, you need 30 ports that support 10Gbps under 3k?
Nolan Herring |

That is my goal.

One thing to bear in mind if the require all 30 devices to have 10Gbps links I would assume they are fully utilising each machines connection. If so make sure the switch can handle the traffic you are wanting to through at it, cheap doesn't usually mean good. 


I also assume that each client device has a 10Gbps NIC? If not you are wasting your time.


Good luck and let us know how you get on?

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In the MS product line, you would need an MS425-32 if you want to provide 10GE connectivity to that number of clients.  Unfortunately, that model will be nowhere near your $3,000 price point. 


I am not aware of a competing product that would fit both the performance and budget requirements you've mentioned.

I'm not aware of a switch that fits the criteria at this price point. If you find one please report back and let us know.

The leading contender at this point is the Netgear XS748T. There are 44 10GE ports. Street price is around $3K.

Any comments or experience about this product?

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You could consider the Cisco Small Business SG550 series of stackable switches.  This is a model comparison:


I would take a closer look at:

SG550XG-24T-K9 (22 x 10GBaseT)

SG550XG-48T-K9 (46 x 10GBaseT)


You can stack several switches together if needed to get whatever make of of port density that you like.



On the Meraki side I thing the most cost effective options would be:

MS355-48x2 - 24 x MGig ports (which can do 10GBaset) + 24 x 1G ports


Or a stack of two:

MS355-48X - 16 MGig ports + 32 x 1Gb ports (so a stack of two would give you 32 x MGig ports and 64 x 1Gbe ports)

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Come to think of it, Meraki does not have a non-PoE switch in that range.  Supporting UPoE on all those ports will surely drive the price up also.

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