Cisco Meraki vs Catalyst 9200L


Cisco Meraki vs Catalyst 9200L

Hi Team,


I need Guidance to create a Meraki BOQ, in comparison for the below hardware.

I need hardware suggestions:


  1. 2 x 24 port Non PoE with 1GE fiber uplinks access switches without stack (9200L)
  2. 1 x 24 port PoE with 1 GE fiber uplink access switch without stack (9200L)
  3. 7 x 48 port Non PoE with 1 GE fiber uplinks and stack module access switches (9200L)
  4. 2 x 3850-12S-S switches with dual PSU
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Kind of a big deal

This page should give you the information you need:


9200L is Cisco's basic access switch. For Meraki that's MS210 and MS225. MS210 for 1G uplinks. If you're really sure you don't need to stack then you could go for MS120, but then you also lose static routing. I also like to standardise to be able to stock spares more easily.




  1. 2 x MS210-24
  2. MS210-24P
  3. 7 x MS210-48 + 7 x MA-CBL-40G-50CM
  4. 2 x MS410-16 + 2 x MA-PWR-250WAC

Don't forget the licenses and the stacking cables.


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