MS350 - 355 stacking issue


MS350 - 355 stacking issue



[None of my devices have been connected or plugged in yet if that will make a difference]


I am trying to set up a stack of 3 switches... 

I have a stack of two MS350-48FP already created

When I try to add a switch to a stack as a member


I get This switch is a different model than other switches in the stack

what can I do in this case and what are my other options if anything 



Kind of a big deal

As the error message says, you cannot stack different models of switches with each other (the exception being 210/225).


The only thing you can do is connect it via Ethernet as a standalone switch.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Other options I can think oif is to return it and get 2 x MS355-24X2 and start a new higher perofrmance stack, or return it and get another switch the same as your existing stack.


I guess you could also get another MS355-48X2 and start a new higher performance stack.

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