Seperate Network within Meraki Switches

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Seperate Network within Meraki Switches

I have a challenge where I need to create a completely autonomous network within my Meraki Networks. Meaning I have another company that is renting some space within our building. They have brought in their own ISP and Firewall. The length between where their ISP/Firewall and their client computers are long but I have two Meraki switches, connected with fiber, in close proximity.

What I am trying to do is use my switches/dedicated ports, to simply create a "separate" network to route traffic through my switches but using their Watchguard Firewall and ISP.  I have tried to create a separate VLAN using their specific IP addressing and Gateway, but obviously, it sees that VLAN as part of my network, and thus their firewall/DHCP/ etc. is not routing the traffic.


Any help with this challenge would be appreciated, If a diagram would help let me know.


Kind of a big deal

Can’t you create the L3 VLAN on their Watchguard? If they have a spare port on the firewall connect this into your switch and pass the traffic along at L2. Their dfg should be the Watchguard interface.


How many VLANs do they require?  

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@EricM_WSC if you simply assign an port as access to the new VLAN on the switch nearest the Watchguard and another on the switch nearest the rest of that network, does that work.  No interface on the VLAN or any other config.

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