Our Most Versatile Switch Ever: The MS210

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Our Most Versatile Switch Ever: The MS210

Hot on the heels of our previous switch release (here) comes our MS210 stackable access switch.


We designed the MS210 to provide network administrators the option to significantly enhance their 1G switch stack with access to the 10G uplink of the MS225.


Large enterprise networks often require multiple switches to handle office traffic but have only modest bandwidth needs per switch. However, many desire the flexibility to enhance their bandwidth capability as the organization’s tech needs grow.


The MS210 provides incredible power and flexibility to our switch line. Seven MS210s linked to a MS225 for its 10G uplink (to form a stack of eight) creates one of the most versatile and economical switch options available — all easily configurable using the Meraki dashboard. 


The MS210 line features Layer 3 connectivity and comes in both 24- and 48-port models along with PoE and PoE+ power options.


Features of the MS210:

  •       Stacks with the MS225 to access 10G uplink
  •       4 x 1G SFP uplinks
  •       PoE and PoE+ options
  •       Layer 3 Routing (Static)
  •       24- and 48-port models

Contact our sales team to learn more about how to use the MS210 in your deployment!

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Re: Our Most Versatile Switch Ever: The MS210

We wanted to try announcing new products on our Community page. Thank you for reading!

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Re: Our Most Versatile Switch Ever: The MS210

This is great information. Thanks for posting it.


For me, noise profiles are important. Noise has to be managed, and all the effective noise reducing cabinets I've found are expensive, to say the least. Its not just decibels. its also pitch.



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Kind of a big deal

Re: Our Most Versatile Switch Ever: The MS210

Have just ordered a MS120-8 to have a play with Smiley Happy

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Re: Our Most Versatile Switch Ever: The MS210

What is the best way to stack 2 210 switches together? I saw the demo of how to configure them but I want to make sure I have the correct accessories. What stacking cable or SPF modules do I need to connect them? Do I need something different to stack 2 MS225's ?
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Re: Our Most Versatile Switch Ever: The MS210

Hi Tara,


The MS210 has two stack ports on the back of the device (from the Installation Guide):



So, you can use the stacking cables (MA-CBL-40G-50CM, MA-CBL-40G-1M and MA-CBL-40G-3M), and even use them to connect an MS210 to an MS225:



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