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POE Power Priority

Kind of a big deal

POE Power Priority

One feature I would like to see on Meraki gear is POE "Power Priority" on regular Cisco gear I normally set our POE phones and access points to High and our CCTV to critical. 


Meraki as far as I can see (hopefully someone can prove me wrong) only has enable or disable option.




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Re: POE Power Priority

Hi Blake, I'll check to see if there's an FR in place for PoE Power Priority settings, but follow up with your local Meraki SE to confirm.  In the meantime, the basic type of "priority" is that in PoE overload situations, the lowest numbers port has the highest priority and vice versa, the highest numbered ports have the lowest priority.  The budgeted PoE value can exceed the actual amount of power available, it's only when the max available PoE power is exceeded, that the switch will begin denying power from the highest numbered copper port and work backwards from there.  Thus the common practice (when there's a chance of exceeding budget) is to place the higher priority devices such as cameras and phones on the lower numbered ports.  Keep an eye on your summary reports, you can tag your switches, and watch PoE usage over time down to a switch-by-switch basis, could help track if/when you might be approaching any overload situations.

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