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Meraki vs Cisco switch

Which Meraki switch is the equivalent of a CISCO Catalyst 2960-X 48 GigE POE switch? IS there a document somewhere that has comparisons between the two for different models?

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@hmc25000 : Go with the Switch "MS120-48LP". There is no document but i will make it for you soon !

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When I look on google and CDW I see MS120-48 is not POE but the MS225-48 is.

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Hi @hmc25000 ,


How much PoE do you require?

Do you require 10Gig uplinks?

Does your switch stack need to be Layer 3 or is this being handled upstream?

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It really depends on what you need, the C2960-X has a broad available feature set, it can be configured for stacking, 10 GigE support, and can also support OSPF or RIP for dynamic routing.


If you just need a 48 port GigE switch with PoE, you could go with the MS120 series.  If you need stacking, you would need to step up to the MS210 series.  If you need stacking and 10 GigE support, you would need to step up to the MS225 series.  And if you need OSPF support you would need to go to the MS250 series.

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@hmc25000 as everyone else has said, it comes down to what you need, there isn’t really a direct match. The MS210-48LP with stack, and the MS225-48LP will add 10Gbps uplinks to that, and they both support basic Layer 3, 16 connected and 16 static routes.


The MS120-48LP is Layer 2 only, as is the MS125-48LP but it does have 10Gbps uplinks, although there is no physical stacking with either of them.


I’d also be wary of the MS120 and MS125 if you want to use some of the newer features. They are great Layer 2 switches, but have limitations around ACLs, and can’t run SecureConnect and Group Policy ACLs as an example.


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are you planning on utilizing 802.1x authentication on your switchports? If you are take caution with the MS120s. There is a known bug that the MS120 (all versions) is not stable when you make a change to the switch with Access Policies enabled, it will cause the switch to timeout and possibly even reboot. We had to end up replacing the 120s we purchased with 210s.

My suggestion is go with the MS210-48LP or MS210-48FP. We replaced our Catalyst 2960s and 2960x switches with the MS210s. They have better CPU handlining physical stacking capabilities then the MS120 switches.
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