Meet the MS450 - a veritable beast of a switch!

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Meet the MS450 - a veritable beast of a switch!

Here it is: our latest and most powerful aggregation switch to-date, the MS450-12. Packing over 1.3Tb/s of switching capacity, 100Gb/s QSFP28 uplinks and 400Gb/s of stacking capacity, this monster is perfect for pairing with our latest access layer switches to provide high capacity networking in the most demanding environments.



With Wi-Fi 6 APs arriving during 2019 there's never been a better time to prepare the network for these demanding APs, that are each seeking as much as 4.8Gb/s from a Ethernet connection. The MS450-12 aggregation layer switch is the perfect companion for the MS355 multigigabit switches, or any other high performance access layer switch, providing scale where it's needed.


If you're in search of the full spec rundown, here's the datasheet. I don't know about you, but to me those 12 QSFP ports on the front are reminiscent of the pillbox window on the AT-M6 from Star Wars, The Last Jedi. What do you think?

Kind of a big deal

Sexy! Good to see that the uplink ports don't need to be sacrificed for stacking like on the MS425 too!

@jdsilva wrote:

@merakisimon The wrong picture is up on the product page.


Classic copy paste error 😁

Yep, a whoopsie on our end. We'll soon have that fixed. Thanks 'd'!

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