Is it possible to make meraki MS as VTP server?

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Is it possible to make meraki MS as VTP server?

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Actually we are looking for Meraki MS250 (Core switch) working as a VTP server for rest of switches(including ms120 and catalyst 2960).

Before buying we need to clear doubts regarding VLAN synchronization between Meraki n catalyst switches.

Is VTP master role possible on Meraki MS250 or not?


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Kind of a big deal

No, VTP is not supported on Meraki switches. Check these links for detailed info on interoperability:


"Meraki switches do not support VTP but will forward VTP updates, which means they operate in VTP transparent mode."


It's crazy since they are the same company now, but Meraki switches don't do any of the Cisco proprietary protocols except for CDP. VTP, EIGRP, PVST+ are lost in the Meraki world. If you are using VTP, make sure if you insert a Meraki switch that pruning is turned off. It will pass it though, but the Cisco switches may turn off VLANs in between.

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