MS425's will not lock in copper SFP's.

Getting noticed

MS425's will not lock in copper SFP's.

Does anyone else have any experience with MS425 core switches not being able to lock in copper SFP's?


I just installed a stack of 2 MS425's, and on both switches there are multiple SFP+ ports that will not lock in a copper SFP.  It looks like the Copper SFP can not be put in far enough to engage the locking mechanism.  We have tried Cisco and Finisar SFP's, and I am wondering if anyone else is seeing these problems now also?  It looks to me like the SFP+ ports on the MS425's may be recessed just a tiny bit too much behind the face of the switch?


Also have this same problem on a pair of MX100's....but I dont really need the copper SFP ports on it.

Kind of a big deal

I've never had that problem on any Meraki switch, including the MS425.

Kind of a big deal

@akh223  I've not had that issue on our MS425's and I have used copper SFP modules as well.

@BlakeRichardson @PhilipDAth 

I have never had this problem before on our MS425's either; but these 2 newest MS425's sure have an issue.  Waiting to see if support will do anything to get me a RMA on this gear, as we cant leave these in production with no way of holding the SFP's in the switches.

@akh223 If you compare a good and bad unit can you see anything different physically? I wonder if the internal board isn't quite mounted right.

Yes, to me it looks like the metal SFP ports are a little to far back, and the SFP's can go far enough in to lock.  The SFP's hit the front metal faceplate that surrounds the ports before the SFP is all the way locked in.


What's strange is that it is the same way on 2 new 425's and 2 new MX100's.  I hope we arent seeing the beginning of a manufacturing error that is going to be present on a large number of 425's and MX units.

Getting noticed

After further investigation, I believe that this is going to be a widespread issue with Meraki manufacturing.  I have now tested 6 new MS425's and 6 new MX100's.  They are all exhibiting the same issues with copper SFP's.  The Meraki copper SFPs; (which are simply Cisco GLC-TE's in a Meraki bag) are only locking in to 84% of the ports on these devices.


I am trying to push Support to figure out what is really happening, but so far I am not seeing any interest from the Meraki side in actually figuring out what has happened.

Hi @akh223 ,


One question. Independently of not being able to reach the lock in mechanism with the SFP are you still able to get link from the switch?

Yes, the SFP's work and will provide a link.....but the tension on the cables can also pull them out over time since they are not secured in the sfp port.

Thanks a lot for the feedback @akh223.


In our case we are facing the same situation with additional problem on top. We insert the Copper SFP until possible, the SFP is detected by the MS, the port provide link and everything works. But, if that link fails down, for example because the remote device turns off or because remote disconnection, there is no way to recover it unless you "unplug" the SFP and insert it again. It is the only way to recover the link, phisically disconnect it from the MS and insert it again.


That behavior has been reproduced in several MS425 in different location and with the old MS 12.28.1 and also with the newest stable MS 14.31. In all of them we suffer from the lack of "lock in" of the Copper SFPs.


Have you suffered the same issue?

I havent noticed the links not coming back on the MS425's, but I also havent tested that scenario.  If I get some time next week I will put a MS425 up in a lab and test it out to see if I can replicate your problem.

Getting noticed

I had the same issue with Meraki branded 1GB SFP modules.  I did get it in eventually but I had to try a few times and press very hard.  The proline brand is much cheaper and actually goes in easier on the MS425.  However, don't install proline module in an MS225 as I'm not able to get them out without tools.  I think a new connector needs to be invented.  It's nightmarish dealing with these.

Yes, this is exactly the issue we are experiencing. When reseating the SFP you also need to be careful that you don't mistakenly touch any others as their connections will drop too.

The problem of the links is a known issue in 14.33:

"MA-SFP-1GB-TX modules may fail to be detected after link loss (always present)"


In 15.3 its:
"MS210/225/250/350/355/410/425 series switches may be unable to initialize 1Gbps SFP modules. This is currently scoped to only impact some MA-SFP-1GB-SX modules (present since MS 15.0)."


Additionally, there is an replacement program for some Meraki RJ45 SFP modules, so if after a link loss the link will not come back until you reseat it or disable/enable port then you might be lucky.

Yes, thanks for coming back to me so quickly. The link will only come back after you reseat the SFPs. I can confirm that the SFP we are using is a MA-SFP-1GB-TX. We are running 14:33 but says its up to date so not sure where 15.3 is available.

15.3 is beta its on the other tab.

Try placing a ticket then, maybe your modules are on the list 😉



did you ever get a fix resolution to this. I’ve found the same issue with some new mx250 we just received.


we are using modules from - but I’m reluctant to buy meraki branded if it’s not a sfp issues.




Initially we only suffered this on the MS425 despite Meraki extended the impact to some other MSXXX series. 

The solution proposed was a combination of new firmware release (but as you will see it is not yet available as stable, only as beta) with a possible replacement of the SFP (if it is a Meraki one, of course). 
However, please bear in mind in case of replacement that for Meraki is not easy to control which are the SFP impacted and which not. I mean, considering SKU MA-SFP-1GB-TX I am not sure if Meraki has a clear control or can identify which are impacted

Getting noticed

We continue to see this problem on MS425's, MX100, MX250, and MS225 series switches.


The MS425's are still the most problematic.

Yes, Cisco replaced the SFPs (all 28 of them). No further issues so far.

Hey Justin, I'm having the same issue with new MS425-32's.  Did Meraki support RMA them with new MA-SFP-1GB-TX or a third party?

Hi Tim,


Yes they swapped out all of the SFPs with Cisco replacements. 

Hope you get sorted.



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I think there are two separate issues here:


  1. Some Meraki 1Gb SFPs had firmware on them that did not work with Meraki switches until a certain version
  2. Some Meraki switches have 'sunken' SFP(+) ports where the metal frame does not sit flush with the fascia, but is sunk in.

In the second case you need to use SFP modules that have the bottom ledge set back slightly so that they click in properly.  This is not usually an issue with fibre transceivers, but for RJ-45 ones it is a common problem.

Hey CMR,

My issue is item-2, it is a physical SFP issue (MA-SFP-1GB-TX) with the vendor Meraki is using.  Meraki stated today they corrected the issue mid January of this year, so new orders will receive the SFP that fits correctly.  Meraki is shipping out replacement SFPs, I should have them by Wednesday.  If I still have the issue with the new SFPs, I'll update this thread.  Thanks...

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@TimR_SC when you get the replacements can you please take a photo of one alongside an old one so we can see the difference, if it is visible.  I suspect the new might have a longer 'neck'.

Comes here often

Same here, SFPs are from "FiberStore" Part: SFP-GB-GE-T

New here

I noticed this problem with my MS425 and an DAC cable.  I was able to push and have it lock in, but just pushing it in with the 'normal' amount of force for an SFP will not latch and can slip out if you are tracing cables or otherwise working near the switch and bump the cable.

Getting noticed

The same over here, and AFAIR only the bottom or top row was affected and not in all we have.

Need to place an ticket then 😉

Thanks for the heads up. The funny and frustrating thing is that despite showing them this thread and submitting a video of the condition Meraki support want to swap out 1 SFP. It’s going to be a long journey to get this sorted.

Sad, but true 😕

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This is not only a problem with Meraki MS4xx switches. It´s also an issue with Cisco "classic" Cat 3850 switches.

This is good to know. Hopefully the support for Cisco classic devices is what it should be.

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