MS390 "No connectivity" for 10 minutes


MS390 "No connectivity" for 10 minutes

Logged into our Meraki dashboard this Sunday evening (UK time). Can see that both of our core switches reported "No connectivity" today for 10 minutes. With it being the weekend no one has been in the office whatsoever. 


No events are reported at all in the event logs for either of these switches since the 22nd September. Both switches are our "core" and are MS390s running the latest stable firmware 14.33.1 

No events reported from our Security appliance either. 


How do I look into this further? I wouldn't want this to creep up again. We have had "Bad DNS" errors on our MS390s lately which have caused downtime for users - but not this. 


The other three switches in our setup are all MS225s 


Screenshot 2022-09-25 at 23.05.37.png

Kind of a big deal

Morning @Flembot , I'm afraid these are "known issues" with the MS390's.  If none of your other switches have gone offline it could just have been the management plane resetting as per below.





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Recommend using 15.14.2, in relation to such issues


It is still in beta though (last I checked) and because this is a production environment updating to beta firmware would be quite high risk, right?

I'd like to keep my job 😂

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@Flembot we regularly use Meraki beta firmware on our 24/7 infrastructure and haven't had an issue because of this practice in several years across hundreds of nodes.  The beta firmware can become stable with no changes, but it is worth reading the release notes carefully.


With the MS390, the whole thing is beta, so you are already on the way and might as well complete the journey 😇

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I have submitted a feature request in the past to add visibility into what caused the downtime... for example, power failure vs. unable to reach Meraki Cloud vs. uplink down vs. something else. This would help with troubleshooting in cases like this. At a minimum, I would love to see loss of power as the trigger vs. loss of cloud connectivity.

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