Loosing connectivity for the Gateway on MX84

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Loosing connectivity for the Gateway on MX84

Hi Team,


I have the Desktops/Machines and servers in one single VLAN and Gateway for this VLAN is on MX84

When the WAN is getting dropped, customer is complaining that they are also loosing the connectivity to the shared drive ? This does not make sense to me. However, i will know about this if this is happening or not today after our failover testing


In any case it should not have any impact to the LAN local traffic


Any thoughts ?

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Hello @SCC,
The WAN drops should not affect the LAN traffic. Unless the servers are connected over tunnel to a different location. Also, in a single vlan config the traffic may not even reach MX depending upon your topology. I would recommend verifying the traffic flows and IPs client reach out to and troubleshoot accordingly.



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Sure, We will check today by performing the failover testing and let you know about my findings. I am also hoping the same. lets see.

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