I need some advice about configure vlans on meraks

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I need some advice about configure vlans on meraks

I have MX same model and MS same model.

They in warm spare. ISP connected to switch from switch connect to router MX by 2 links on each ports for internet on MX. I connected each MX to each MS. MX1 to MS1 and MS2 / MX2 to MS1 and MS2.

How better configure vlans? How i saw Cisco Meraki need native vlan, and if i wante trunk different vlans to another switch not MS, example HP, i need choose native vlan which be different from trunk vlans ? Am i right ?

Thank you

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

sometimes the native vlan is required for example a cisco iOS switch passes protocols like cdp vtp etc on the native vlan.


i don't think meraki "needs" it but just keep the native the same between two switches then ur ok.


yes you can add native also to allowed vlan list , its best to choose a vlan your not using for cliënts. https://documentation.meraki.com/MS/Port_and_VLAN_Configuration/Recommended_Configuration_for_Trunk_...

Ok, thank you. I add another native vlan on trunk port on MX (because choose another option "drop all untug untagged traffice"). And on MS trunk ports i disable native vlan and write list of vlans to trunk. How i uderstand on cisco Meraki native vlan = pvid on cisco small business.

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