How to Clear Arp/MAC Table

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How to Clear Arp/MAC Table

When changing the VLAN at a switch port the client got a new IP via DHCP.

The "Current Clients" at the switch main page shows the connected device, name  and right MAC.

But the IP is still the old, even the change is confirmed at client and packet capture.


How can I clear the ARP/MAC table to get the right IP, soon.

Click the Client and click at "forget-client" did not fix the issue.




Any idea?


Thanks Joerg

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Kind of a big deal

Did the user really cleard its cache and got the new IP.


It may take some minutes so the Dashboard shows the correct IP address. But the way your did it with "forget Client" is the correct way and worked for me always.

@JoRett  Given the devices hostname starts with AVX I am guessing this is an Avaya handset, I have seen these do odd things in the Meraki dashboard, often I have Avaya devices in my client list show as being offline even though they are connected and working. 

This hasn't work like expected. Looks like an issue of 11.22.

Because there is no good version nor RC I installed Beta 11.25 which solves the problem.

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