Fan Switch make a lot of noise

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Fan Switch make a lot of noise



We have a new switch, MS225-48LP with Firmware MS 11.22. Its fan is always working at high speed, and make a lot of noise.

Does somebody has this error? In logs don't appear any temperature error, and temperature rack is 23 Celsius degrees.

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I had a similar experience at one of the client place.

Upgrading the Firmware resolved our issue.


You seem to have MS 11.22.

Looks fine though .. How about downgrading this to 10.45 just for test?


If no improvement. May I suggest you to reach support.


Thansk AjitKumar, good idea to downgrade, but it is a switch in production, I need a cut window to made modifications, I've just open a case with Meraki.

Kind of a big deal





Our problem is that we have RMAs with Meraki stoped several months ago. Meraki is very very very slow with RMA cases:


Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Funny thing today.


I had to go out to a customer with two stacked MS225-48FP's which were the noisy ones to have them replaced under the proactive replacement program.

I came into the room with the closet and said, man!  It's quiet in here compared to last time.

When opening the closet I noticed the fans had already failed but the switches were still running, but hotter than usual.

I could hear the fans slightly starting and directly stopping.

It went from an aeroplane to an old woman groaning sound.


We have several of the MS225-48FP in the field and asked about the loud fans.  Back then we were told this wasn't a defect.  fast forward to a few months ago and the fan recall came out.  It's likely that and should be replaced on an RMA.  So far we have only had two of them fail and sending high temp alarms.  The replacements just recently started shipping out.   

The MS225 is a very popular model as its the first entry level model that supports SFP+ I can understand while these are onl constraint, not only do they have to manufacture replacements but also enough sotck for new sales. 

I had to replace a lot of switches with that noise issue.


Once I got 21 switches at once.

Bildschirmfoto 2019-08-21 um 14.51.56.png


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