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Expired License

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Expired License



What happens if an MS runs out of a license?


For example, I have 3 MS each with a license but 2 MS of them with a 3-year license and 1 MS with a 1-year license.


If the teams with the 1 year license saw what happens with the ??? it stops working ???


Is the dashboard disabled or do I lose the administration of changing a vlan or a port ??? Or does it leave my network completely without communication (LAN, Wifi, MX)?

Kind of a big deal

Re: Expired License

There's an automatic co-termination. So there would be one date for all of them to expire.


More info here:

Kind of a big deal

Re: Expired License

@BrechtSchamp  is corrrect.


And yes, if you licence expires all your Meraki networking kit will stop forwarding packets.  Your network will completely stop working.

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Re: Expired License

First you will be reminded of the expiration.

But you will get a grace period of 30 days. But after these days your network will stop working.

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Re: Expired License

Just to add, you can call Meraki Support and get a 30-day extension on your original 30 day grace period, giving you another buffer just in case.

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