MS220-8P has link light on trunk but displays solid orange status light.

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MS220-8P has link light on trunk but displays solid orange status light.

I have a MS220-8P that has been unplugged for a while and when trunked back to the distro Meraki switch, it displays link lights, but the status light stays red and its web GUI continues to indicate it's down. The odd thing is, when looking at the distro switch, the port is green and indicates it can see the MS220 that's connected even showing traffic sent and received between it and the distant end switch. Is there any reason why the MS220 that is connected wouldn't display as connected? I'm also seeing STP errors from the distro switch on the current port for the MS220. Could this be caused by a bad SFP? Any ideas would be appreciated!

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

The ms220 (management ip) cant reach the meraki cloud.

It needs a working management ip.

You could look at the local status page to see what ip it has and maybe get a clue why it doesnt connect to the cloud

I've updated the static IP information to match its new location but I'm not sure how to get it to pull that new IP? Was reading up on the factory reset button but don't know if wiping the old configs is necessary to get it to pull its new IP address and VLANs.

Kind of a big deal

Try doing the factory reset, and if that doesn't work, raise a support case.


Kind of a big deal

Another option is to configure a DHCP server on the uplink VLAN. If the MX can't work with the configured IP it falls back to DHCP. IF it is a trunk, do this on the native VLAN.

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