Cat 9300 cloud management migration

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Cat 9300 cloud management migration

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Hoping someone might be able to advise as struggling to find the answer within the FAQ's/documentation. Basically if you migrate a 9300 over to Meraki management mode and the licences expire, will the device/network stop working as is the case with legacy Meraki devices, or will the DNA network features still work (i.e. the features included within the perpetual licence on the 9k's)?




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I am pretty sure you need to buy a Meraki Managment License. However, as its currently in test its not enforced and I think there will be a 30-day grace period post going to GA.




Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@Sophiejmitch enrolling a 9300 for Meraki management effectively makes it an MS390 so licensing should behave as such.  You could always convert it back if you cannot renew the Meraki license.

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If you are integrating 9300 for Meraki Monitoring only, There is no impact on the switch functionality over DNA license expiry. But if you convert it for Management, it becomes a MS390 and requires Meraki License to function. DNA Licenses you purchased in case, can be migrated to Meraki License with the help of the Accounts team and TAC.

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