10Gig Copper SFP´s for MS225-48LP

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10Gig Copper SFP´s for MS225-48LP



our Apple users are buying new Apple Macs and the Macs can do 10Gig Copper LAN networking. The useres say that they need it for big files.

Our client-switches are connected with 20Gig on aggregated links to the core-switches, this should not be an bottleneck, also our super fast data-stores are multi 10Gig connected.


Because I can´t efford a 10 Gig switch (f.e. MS355-48X2 ) for clients I want to test it with an 10Gig copper SFP plugging in to the existing MS225-48LP client-switches.

Cisco/Meraki doesn´t sell 10 Gig copper SFPs. But there are suppliers who say they have compatible SFPs 10G-T SFP+ for Cisco Switches.


Does anybody has expereinces with that kind of 10Gig copper connections?




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We've seen a big increase in the request for X model switches from our Mac clients, with the iMac Pro and Mac Mini now coming with 10Gig Copper I think this trend will continue.

I've never implemented it on Meraki switches but have implemented and seen it done before on other kit. I can't see why it wouldn't work if the vendor is confirming compatibility. I am very interested in your experience though if you do test this, i've viewed this as an option but as of yet we've not had a need as we've had X models available
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I have heard the same thing but no first hand experience myself, curious what answers you get. 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

There are no official 10GBaseT SFP+ modules.


If you want to take a punt, try getting some of these modules and let us know if they work.


I´m going to buy and test it soon. I will keep you informed.

O.k. I tested a 10Gig copper SFP with an Meraki MS225-48LP switch.

I used one of the 10Gig SFP-ports.

The switch recognized the SFP and I could use it. The only thing is to take care of the length of the copper cable. Supported is 30m but we tested it with 40m (a good Cat6 cable) and it was working well.


Thank you for this info, this is going to help me out a lot!!  I am having to connect an IDF to the MDF, they are on 2 different floors, but one is right above the other and in cable run between the 2 is only about 20ft.  I normally use fiber to connect the different closets together, but the price difference between the fiber and copper run is so big.  I couldn't imagine paying for a fiber run for only 20ft.  The draw back was the speed.  I am using the MS225-48LP switches as well, and I know they have all 1gig copper ports, and usually i get the 10g fiber sfp modules for the up-links.  I had been looking for a 10gig copper sfp module to use as the uplink between the 2 closets.  I don't want the copper to be the bottle neck.  So, thank you, I am going to give this a go!! 

I found this thread as I wanted to do similar.
I have just bought two different types of 'cisco SFP-10G-T-S compatible' 10gbase-T copper GBICs and they both work fine in MS225-24P, 48 and 48LP switches.

I am linking them back to an mGig port on an MS350-24X.


The MS225 end doesn't seem to always report the correct speed from the GUI but it seems to be working perfectly. Some of these are over longer than 30M cable runs and the MS350 end is reporting a 5gbit link on those runs but the Ms225 gbic always says 10gbit.

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That would be a tough sell in my mind, they will use that amount of bandwidth so infrequently, and what is on the other end that supports it?  Just personally speaking I don't have any servers that support 10G, so there's nothing to connect to anyway.

10Gb is certainly here, as files get larger and servers have to replicate this data we started using 10Gb server links mid way through last year. I haven't tried any 10Gb copper SFP modules but would be interested to know how it goes over time. 

> I haven't tried any 10Gb copper SFP modules


We have used it a lot with customers.  TwinAx copper cables are cheap [ish].  Then you just need an SFP+ adaptor in the server and then you can plug it into an SFP+ port on your MS225 (or above) switch.

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We use SFP+ connectors in servers going in the MS225's and above to provide a 10GB backbone. This works well without issue

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