Vision Portal v1.5.2 - Check out the exciting updates!

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Vision Portal v1.5.2 - Check out the exciting updates!


We've been hard at work updating the Vision Portal, see the changes below:


  • Video wall rotation now default when you open Vision Portal (edit to remove rotation)


  • In addition to searching for cameras by names and tag you can now search by camera model 

                                       Camera list updateCamera list update


  • Status overlay for loading indicator for fisheye cameras 


  • Ability to now conduct Motion Search and export on selected camera on the video wall

                  Motion search - Video wallMotion search - Video wall

  • Logout timeout issue while in full screen video wall is now fixed
  • MV21/71 playback improvements have been made


Are you up to date?: If the new changes aren't visible to you in the Vision portal, you may need to update your version. Click on the "What's New" icon in the top right of the navigation to view your version, and update to the latest. 


The Vision portal can be accessed directly by going to,  or through the dashboard by going to "Cameras", then selecting "Vision portal".

For more information on the Vision portal, please refer to the "Using the Meraki Vision Portal" documentation article.

Kind of a big deal

@Lola :Awesome, thanks for update 

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Kind of a big deal

Will we always have to update the version manually, or can Meraki push out the web version used?


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Great question! 


If the "Update" button isn't manually clicked, the app will eventually update to the latest version after a relaunch of the interface (assuming no other Meraki Vision applications are open). The button exists for those who wish for the update as soon as it is available.

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