New Motion Recap Contest!

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New Motion Recap Contest!

Wanted to make sure everyone knew we were running an MV-focused challenge this week, highlighting the new Motion Recap feature. Check out the details and enter the contest on the main Community Announcements page. I've included a couple more "fun" Motion Recap images below to give you some inspiration.


Majestic Magpies. Courtesy of George BentinckMajestic Magpies. Courtesy of George Bentinck


Walking Over Cars: a City Commute. Courtesy of Matt MarstonWalking Over Cars: a City Commute. Courtesy of Matt Marston


Getting noticed

Is this contest still on? Oh, wait... I need a camera to participate 😄

Getting noticed

Very cool pictures!

Unfortunately our demo camera's are the older generation so no motion recap :(.

Yes, unfortunately they are. It would be great to see some more pictures in the contest, though.

Meraki Employee

Parking my MX-5 :)Parking my MX-5 🙂

I see the camera is paying off, multiplying your MX5 like that.

Head in the Cloud

Excellent 😆

I love this car!

Community Manager

The contest has ended, check out the winning entry!



Meredith W | Community Manager, Cisco Meraki

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