MV72X heater

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MV72X heater

Does anyone know the actual temperature ranges for the MV72X heater to turn on? 



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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@MFLauder : Its Temperature: -40°C - 50°C (-40°F - 122°F)*** 

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@Inderdeep so does that mean the heater only turns on when it's -40F? 


I think it was about 4°C, so that there won't be any ice, but I can't find any documentation for that =(


the temperature range @Inderdeep  has mentioned is the operating temperature. So the camera would stop working below -40°C (or it's just not tested/supported)

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Also note you need a 802.3at (PoE+, 30W) for the heater to be able to operate.

@MFLauder Do you have a concern with a heater not turning on? I would contact support pretty sure they can see that in the logs. 

The heater activating is logged in the event log, so you should see it there. And if you have a MT10, you can match the temperature at that time. (Sorry, I live in an idealistic world, and don't know for sure, but like @Greenberet believe its around 4 degrees Celsius). 

@BlakeRichardson I was mainly trying to see if I really need to budget for a switch with more PoE due to the 25.5w required if the heater is needed. This setup is in Louisiana so they don't really get in the negative degree temps but didn't want to have issues if they did. 


We are installing 5 of the MV72x so 25.5w means I need a switch that has at least 128watts of PoE.

@MFLauder  you could always go does the POE injector route if you don't really need a switch with POE


@BlakeRichardson I do have those ordered but was trying to go with a cleaner setup with a PoE switch. I've also reached out to our Cisco rep to see if they know at what temp does the heater actually kick on. 

Kind of a big deal

You may also find that the heater kicks in momentarily when the camera first powers up. I see an event log stating the heater is switched to off after the MV powers up, but don’t know if it really does, or if this is just a message to confirm the state. 

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