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Future Option

I've come across some nice features other camera products offer and wondered if the Meraki product will update any time soon. 


1080p HD Camera 

Wireless Option w/WEP/WPA/WPA2 Encryption


Zoom video on playback

Off Camera Storage to Cloud - Enough to handle 90 days. 

Two-way Audio

Motion Detection Alerts to Cell Phone or popup on Dashboard - (highly sensitive areas)




Head in the Cloud

I'd also like some of these feature's included especially the option for off cloud storage integration.


I'd suggest utilising the "Make a Wish" feature in dashboard and also reaching out to your local sales rep to express your needs for these features, especially if you have potential deal optifnities which could be pending these required features. 

Eliot F | Simplifying IT with Cloud Solutions
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Hi guys,


Cloud storage or local NAS would be great.

I like the idea of not having a central box where all your footage can be stolen, but I also think we need an archive, export option.




There is an export option that I've read - exported video clips are stored in the cloud for 30 days. Metadata for video thumbnails and motion indexing are also stored in the cloud. Video will proxy through the cloud in the event of remote streaming and is cached in order to retrieve footage more quickly, but during standard recording operations, MV cameras will only save video locally.


So not sure if this is Cisco's cloud or to off site server storage - 

Yep, some nice improvements there.

Still Cisco cloud based currently.





Kind of a big deal

+1 for audio recording.  Needed in some of our customer facing areas. 

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One of the things that is great to hear is why you would like a particular feature or function. It isn't possible to build everything, so we always need to think about prioritization. Knowing what problem you are trying to solve helps us determine when we should build something. Additionally, the awesome Meraki engineering team can often think of a cool new way of solving a problem. When asked only for a feature, they have less freedom to innovate.


Next time you speak to your Meraki account representative, share your problems with them. Their systems engineer can then feed that back into product development.

Here to help

a couple of other additional wish list features - Motion Detection with notification, email/text of movement, Camera that can pan/move left to right with motion and follow, being able to schedule of when camera pans. -  being able to not only hear/talk from dashboard or app on smartphone but also be able to record the audio.  

Community Manager

Hi @SteveM - 


Thanks for the suggestions! It's easier for us to manage feature requests that are made on the community if you post each idea as an individual new thread (and tag it "feature request"). That way, others in the community can give kudos to individual ideas to show their support. For more info on how we handle feature requests here in the community, see this post.



- Caroline

Caroline S | Community Manager, Cisco Meraki
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SteveM wrote: 1080p HD Camera

the chip in MV21 / MV71 - i think - can do 1080p HD. i guess the SSD was to small to enable it. now, using motion based retention, it should be ok to record FHD. (data protection laws limit the amount of hours recorded anyway).


in case i am right, that the chip can do 1080p, please enable that as an option!


SteveM wrote: Wireless Option w/WEP/WPA/WPA2 Encryption

well, we need power anyway. using PoE we have power and network. but i agree, sometimes it would be nice to avoid the network cable.


not sure if the MV21/71 has a usb bus internally. if yes, then meraki could think about attaching WLAN to MV like attaching LTE to MX (usb-stick).


SteveM wrote: Zoom video on playback

should be possible. i'd love to see a 360 hi-res cam and pan/tilt like on youtube 360 videos (there is no zoom in youtube, but i am sure it can be implemented).


SteveM wrote: Off Camera Storage to Cloud - Enough to handle 90 days.

well, using motion based retention, you can almost achive 90days without offloading the video. there is great advantage to keep all securely on the cam (bandwidth, data protection) (except for the case the cam is stolen or physically destroyed - recording gone without offload).


i think it can be done technically with the existing hardware: just stream the video to a given IP/port in a defined protocol (like an IP cam) another NVR can read (in addition to local recording).


SteveM wrote: Two-way Audio 

has been answered some place else here. can't be done with the existing hardware (MV21/71) and is highly critical in regard to the data protection laws in some countries. in case it is implemented in a HW revision, please make sure the microphone can be turned off!


audio output would create some really intresting possabilities.


SteveM wrote: Motion Detection Alerts to Cell Phone or popup on Dashboard - (highly sensitive areas)

please implement! i've requested that from the first day on 🙂 since the release of MV analytics, i know it can be done (and is practically there already). i'd prefere an email notification rather then a phone call.


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