Camera Offline After Assigning Static IP to Firewall

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Camera Offline After Assigning Static IP to Firewall

I have a site with 9 cameras that are all on VLAN 20.


I just recently acquired a static IP from Comcast and applied to our firewall.  7 of the cameras switched over just fine, but two of them (MV72's) aren't grabbing the proper Public IP and won't connect to the Meraki Cloud and come online.


I've applied a static IP to seven different sites now and this is the only time I've had an issue.  I can't seem to find any way to force the cameras to pick up the proper IP.  I've recycled the ports, physically unplugged from the switch and back in.  Moved them to a different port.  Nothing seems to work.



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What provides the DHCP? The firewall? Any logs on that showing activity from the 2 offline cameras? 


I found your dashboard and can see the offline cameras sending DHCP discovers, but I don't see any reply. Actually, I see all 9 cameras sending DHCP discovers and no response from anything.

Ok, I think I see the issue. Your 7 working cameras are working via their wireless interface which maps to VLAN 1 based on your SSID config. The two offline cameras don't have wireless profiles and they fail to get DHCP via the wired interface (VLAN 20 switchports). All the DHCP discovers I see are coming from the wired MACs of the cameras.


So, it appears your VLAN 20 is the problem as nothing appears to be providing DHCP.


And while unrelated (maybe) starting 2 days ago your APs are all producing this alert in the event log "Multiple DHCP servers detected".

That's a good catch.


Is there a way that I can get the switch to provide the DHCP over VLAN 20?

Your switch is a MS210. It cannot do L3 or act as a DHCP server. Your 7 online cameras are working via wireless and VLAN 1. So, you could move the switchports connected to the cameras to VLAN 1 and they presumably would get IPs and work.

Making progress!


I now have video on both cameras after moving them back to VLAN1.


However they are both showing in Alert Mode in the dashboard.

Cameras are no longer showing alerting, so I think for now the situation is resolved.


It's strange that at our other sites we have outdoor cameras on VLAN20 that aren't in range of an AP and they are working fine.

I appreciate all your help!

I'd look into whatever is supposed to be providing DHCP for VLAN 20. Replies are not being seen from whatever that device is.


Be aware your other 7 cameras at this site are operating on wireless right now. If you want them to communicate via their wired interface you either need to change the 7 switchports to VLAN 1 or resolve the VLAN 20 DHCP issue.

That makes sense.  Thanks!

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