Camera Live Feed Delay

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Camera Live Feed Delay

I know this topic has been discussed before, but in my opion this topic deserves to be brought up again and somewhat as a priority for review.


You see the delay in the live feed, which can be up to almost 20 seconds in some cases, to put simply is just unacceptable, and almost always adds a big red flag during the sales cycle (assuming you have been upfront about this delay before purchase).


How can Cisco Meraki not prioritise this when a 20 seconds delay could mean the difference between life critical events, as an example let's assume we have cameras setup in a hospital environment and an armed gunman enters and starts shooting up, the live feeds on the wall view would delay the response rate. Or what if someone was violent trying to enter a premises and watching a live view would help determine where they are or direction of travel.


It is also worth noting the live timestamp is incorrect. Should you be watching live stream from local connection is will show the current time date, but the actual video being presented is not the same as the timestamp, impact on legality would surely be an issue here.


So my question is, has anyone else had similar concerns or feedback from customers or potential customers with this problem? I understand from the cloud perspective there could be small delay, but not local stream, that makes no sense considering the protocols available these days, eg HTML5. 

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Kind of a big deal

You're absolutely right that this is a limitation of the MV platform today and certainly a problem for some deployments as you described. 


The MV platform today uses HLS for streaming which has a delay because of how it sends chunks of content to clients. This is a good explanation of how HLS works and why it has a lot of latency:


Switching to a different streaming protocol is not an overnight task for the MV team. I know @GeorgeB is aware of the requests for lower latency streaming and I'm sure it's on his to-do list for the team. 




Owch, thanks for sharing that I wasn;t aware of such a delay. We are reviewing our CCTV systems in 2019 and Meraki is listed as a possible solution, this delay is something I will have to bear in mind.



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You might consider looking at 

@Welles Thanks!

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I'd rather not just throw my toys out of the pram, but rather be the squeaky wheel and help identify problems that need solving.

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We see constantly 10-20s delay and not the advertised 5-10 delay. totally unacceptable. I hope the Meraki Team gives this the attention it needs as we are deploying this throughout all our centers. We are considering other alternatives.


3-5s is where your target should be Cisco. 10-20 is subpar for your brand. We are heavily dependent on Cisco gear and this product is great but disappointing at the same time. 


UCS Blades, Routers, switches, AP, Call Manager..but this fails to hit the mark IMO. you need to have a disclaimer and not hide this very important detail. Your legacy VSOM solution had heavy requirements but WORKED. Unfortunately we cannot add to our existing deployment as it is end of life.




Others already working on a low-latency stream CISCO.

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I Agree with you all. 

I also did some testing with the Motion Alert. and it took for ever to get a motion alert. does somebody know if there is a way to get the Motion alert faster?


We have a Museum with want to Monitor some expensive Carpet with are attached to a Wall. if there is somebody touching them we need a sound alert in the room and a Mail or any kind of Alert on a Mobile device.


We would like doing this with Meraki. I am open for any cool Ideas.

 @MichelRueger the motion alerts feature is not intended for real time response as there is an expected delay in receiving the e-mail. 


If you want to have a sub second alert then I recommend you use the real time MQTT people detection feed to get sub second updates for some one touching the rugs. You could use this to trigger many actions such as an alarm, an e-mail, an app notification, etc.



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UPDATE: Verkada - is officially offering low latency stream in their cloud surveillance product.


I have a Verkada DC30 indoor camera I am piloting and I can attest to this first hand. 


- Stream to my mobile Verkada app or local browser on WIN 10 Chrome is 2 seconds. 





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Wow, they also have just completed human vs car identification, you can also filter video based on these variables.

2 seconds, now that's impressive, this should be at the top of the list considering all mentioned above.

thanks for the update.
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