Network monitoring sensor?

Kind of a big deal

Network monitoring sensor?

Aruba has aproduct called UXI (previouslt capenetworks)  that can monitor multiple wireless and wired networks as well as check network health i.e. DHCP DNS etc but it can also provide info on commonly used applications i.e. Google, Office 365 etc. 


I understand that Meraki has insight and wireless health but the difference with UXI is its a piece of hardware that acts as a client device so it can give you accurate info on what is happening from a clients point of view. 


Would be awesome to see Meraki do something similar. 

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Cisco acquired thousandeyes in 2020 . I supose that can do similar things. But its a seperate product. 

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Cisco has the Aironet Active Sensor, which is basically a small wireless network client that can do different tests on the network.


From what I recall, it is also possible to setup different L7 tests, like test connectivity to, say, Salesforce.

Now, this is purely out of speculation, but since there is some Meraki support on the roadmap for DNAC, maybe we'll see some support for this sensor in Meraki as well? I have no idea..

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