live monitor wan/internet traffic

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live monitor wan/internet traffic

How to live monitor wan/internet traffic per client/device?

want to know how much internet bandwidth is being used by each client/device

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Re: live monitor wan/internet traffic

In the client detail view you can get a historical view.


If that's not enough have a look into netflow:


And if even that is not enough, you'll have to think about port mirroring and let a tool like wireshark capture the traffic. Wireshark can show statistics and graphs. There may also be commercial tools that are purpose built for providing network insight.


Maybe other members will have other ideas.

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Re: live monitor wan/internet traffic

@Kieshan The short answer is that you don't, and it is insanely frustrating as a huge missing piece in the Meraki MX feature set.


Meraki does a lot of things well, but live view of wan traffic utilization on a per host basis is NOT one of them.


Under Appliance Status->Uplink you can see an aggregate view, but even that loses effectiveness if you have a dual wan connection - because then you lose separate graphs for upload/download.


I would LOVE to have an "iftop" view or something similar for WAN traffic on the MX.  I've suggested it 1000x via "make a wish" but nothing ever happens.


I have used the API to get a smaller (5 min) data slice of traffic history which helps, but it still doesn't do what we both want it to.  (plus you have to use the API).

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Re: live monitor wan/internet traffic



Agreed. I would like to have that too

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