Traffic Analysis

Getting noticed

Traffic Analysis

Is there a performance hit ( what is the impact)


Traffic analysis

Basic : collect generic traffic categories


Detailed : collect Destination Host names


Can someone share a link to what the 2 views look like?

I currently have the system configured as Basic

Kind of a big deal

@JED2021 : check this out

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It's likely that there would be some small performance impact from enabling detailed traffic analysis but I personally haven't noticed anything. That said, my networks have a fair bit of capacity overhead so utilization isn't a noticeable problem.


With basic analysis, you can see the categories of traffic but get no further breakdown.

With detailed analysis, you can see a breakdown of classified traffic into destination hostnames/IP's of each flow.

An example view of the detailed traffic analysis is in the image in the below link.
Switch Traffic Analytics - Cisco Meraki

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