Meraki blocking Google DNS?

Kind of a big deal

Meraki blocking Google DNS?

Hi Everyone


This morning I've had users complain about slow / no internet. Upon reviewing the event log I am seeing that Google DNS has been categorised by Meraki as proxy avoidance. Is anyone else having issues?


Screen Shot 2020-11-20 at 8.22.32 AM.png

Kind of a big deal

Isn't that :443 (and not :53) the newish Chrome secure DNS thing? I know it has been problematic for various reasons and this appears to be another..


I'll check some of my orgs to see if I am getting the same, but have not had any trouble tickets or noticed it yet.


Kind of a big deal

Interesting one. Thanks for sharing.  Will take a look through some of our Orgs

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Kind of a big deal

Disable DNS over HTTPS in Chrome.

Here to help

We're getting this and DNS over HTTPS is disabled.   How can I see more detail on these events?  It's causing so many that some events aren't even being logged.

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