Meraki Network Campus Design & Config

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Meraki Network Campus Design & Config

Hi All,

We are planning to set up meraki network campus design in our Customer place, and I'm wondering if you can help with some ideas on network design & Config's part, Here is what we purchased devices and planning to use.


Following products are shipped and advise to set up.

1. MX 450 Edge - 1 Qty

2. MX 250 - 1 Qty

3. MS 225 - 48 Port Low Power Switch - 10 Qty

4. MR46 - 85 Qty

5. MR46E - 20 Qty


Appreciate your feedback and fast response.

Kind of a big deal

You have only given a BOM.  That is not enough information to help.


Perhaps you could describe the network, and why you have two different model MXs.  Are all the switches going to be going in one place?

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Appreciate your response Sir,


Since this is totally a greenfield install for a brand new company, They won't have VLANs, IP schemes, etc. We'll just need to use our best judgement to design this thing. All the equipment's are in one place ( Single Site ). I'd imagine so, SAS connected to the core switch ( Just think of it as the carrier handoff, Carrier is just providing a layer 2 last mile, with us putting our own managed carrier handoff on there ).

Why are there two MXs (different model) even though it is a single site?
Warm-Spare cannot be paired with MXs of different models.

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As @PhilipDAth  said It's difficult for anyone to provide input into your situation where you've only provided a BOM.

Do you have specific questions about your design or the devices you've chosen?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Are you sure you have a mx250 and mx450? Or do you have a ms450 or ms250?


In case of 2 MX where would you like to use them for?

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The reason we have two different MXes is because there are effectively two different sectors of the business that will need functionally different networks. Also, we have a 10gb circuit and Meraki doesn't make a 10gb FW, so we needed to get a little creative with how to utilize as much of the circuit as we can. So, the 'corporate' network is for a set of office spaces that the Customer's internal team will be using. This location will have the ISP demark, the edge switch, both MXes and at least one more switch. The MX250 will manage these two switches for the corp network. The MX450 will manage the 'production' network, The rest of the switching for that network will be distributed at a number of IDFs throughout the facility. We don't yet know the number of IDFs.


Note : These will be two completely separate networks that are sharing the same 10gb circuit. So no HA between MX's.

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Folks, Is the info enough ?.. Kindly advise to proceed further.

Comes here often

Guys, Share your thoughts , advise pls.

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I talk about points that are not dependent on requirements.


In principle, it is preferable to follow Meraki's best practices for implementation.


This is because Meraki is simple and not multifunctional. Meraki's product design concept is "Work Simple".
In special environments, solutions are limited when problems arise.
Because of its low functionality (Simple). And because it is easy to deploy on a large scale, the problem can easily spread too.


If you are trying to do something complicated, you should rethink whether you should implement Meraki.
Therefore, If you can share your grand design image (ideas for network topology), someone may be able to point out problems.


General MX Best Practices - Cisco Meraki


General MS Best Practices - Cisco Meraki


WiFi Basics and Best Practices - Cisco Meraki


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