Creating Client VPN

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Creating Client VPN

I want to create more client VPN to access to different VLANs.
I would like to make sure that clients from various external organizations do not have access to all VLANs.
For example I have client VPN network with range of address
One ext organization wants to have access to VLAN 20 ( for managing one server
Other ext organization wants to have access to VLAN 30 ( for managing second server.
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This kind of setup is not possible with Meraki VPN. There's no way to have different VPN connection policies.

The best you can do to achieve this is once a user has VPN'd in, assign a group policy to them which contains applicable LE firewall rules. However there's no automated way to apply this.


Using the anyconnect VPN however, you can use RADIUS auth and have the applicable group policy automatically assigned.

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