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is there any way to use a GPON SFP within the SFP Port auf the MX75 or other MX?

The Datasheet only mentions the Meraki SFP, but I already used others with the Switches.


I would like to use it on my Telekom FTTH with a module like this:

Kind of a big deal

The SFP will probably work flawlessly, but opening a case that has something to do with it could take longer than expected.

Kind of a big deal

As @CptnCrnch states any number of Sfps will work but you’ll be asked to remove it by Meraki support should you hit an issue.  

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Hey burns, I have searched for a post like yours, actually, my first MX is on the way (for my homelab)

It is possible!

As I want to replace the current setup with an MX, I will keep the Zyzel/Digitalisierungsbox Modem. It works flawlessly. All you need to to is to change the line ID, call the Telekom support for rediscovery and that’s it.

Telekom contact for rediscovery/site for the order process:

(You will then need to use VLAN 7 and PPPoE, but thats mentioned in the link below)
Actually, I read this online, too.

And there is my post on a german speaking Ubiquiti Forum:



I will add some screenshots when my MX is there to the rescue 🛟 

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Short update i bought the Zyxel/Digitalisierungsbox SFP and placed it in MS220-8P and it works like expected I'm able to access webinterface for configuration and so on.


As I'm still on MX67 I expect that this will work too when i do the change.

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@burnz @That’s Great. Another option you might have is that you can bridge VLAN 7 from the SFP/SFP+ Port to a RJ45 Port and connect it with the MX. 

I know, that’s ugly, but it might be a short-term workaround, while you’re not having a Port for that module.

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