MX68CW - Maximum WAN troughput

Kind of a big deal

MX68CW - Maximum WAN troughput

Hi ,


I'm using a MX68CW at home.

My wan speeds are 1G/1G on a fiber link.




I only have a couple vlans and no security features at all , so I should be maxed out by the  Stateful firewall throughput of 600Mbps ( which is probably a safe value determined by Meraki and not really the limit of the hardware )


However , when doing multiple speed tests I can achieve speeds way higher than that :


Shaping 600/600



Shaping 599/599 ( maximum - 1 )


What is the highest value that you guys are hitting with a MX68 ?


Also the maximum of the trafic shapping slider is 600/600. Which I guess that if the slider is set to the maximum , it really means = unlimited and not a capped value like the dashboard shows.

That behavior is not mentioned in


Running MX.18.106. Same behavior seen on MX16.16


Thanks !

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Got around 1Gbit at some point using iperf directly on lan to wan ports.

Kind of a big deal

I'm hiting 740/800 with MX18.106 which is kinda nice but really over the specs !

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