MX17.10-17.10.2 updates affecting MX64W

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MX17.10-17.10.2 updates affecting MX64W

A MX64W Wifi clients are negatively affected by firmware updates 17.10, 17.10.1 and 17.10.2. Internet speeds fall drastically, webpage rendering takes a long time. Ping to gateway takes a slight hit. But any device connected by LAN cable is not affected, their internet speed remains the same as it was before. Cisco support doesn't seem to know about this issue.


Is anyone else experiencing this?

Kind of a big deal

Don't update for this versions, they have issue with stability. Downgrade It for version 16.16.6

Hi Alemabrahao, yes I've realized this while troubleshooting for our client, rolling it back was the fix. Issue being is that Meraki schedules these firmware upgrades (that can't be canceled). I thought they'd at least try to address the issue or stop forcing model MX64W to update to the MX17.10.

Kind of a big deal

They removed version 17.10.1 from stables version.

Here to help

we are having issues with MX68W too. users complaint no WiFi connectivity every morning. they took things to their own hands and rebooted the MX without our knowledge for a days before reporting to us.

Getting noticed

Some MX65W and MX68W within our environment have the same issue after upgraded to 17.10.2 . I even tried the beta 18.103 and that also did not fix the problem.


End up calling Meraki downgrade back to 16.16 and all good....  Meraki will have a nightmare after upgrading all their customer to this GA in January.

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