MX status unreachable

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MX status unreachable

Is there an issue right now with MX cloud connectivity? Because we are currently we are experiencing intermittent unreachable status on our primary and spare MX. I already called TAC and they said that it might be a cloud issue. 


I already talk to our upstream but they did do any changes and no blocking ports or addresses on their end.

Kind of a big deal

This is the area for Service Notices:

It is available with the hamburger-icon on the top left. But every Meraki admin should subscribe to it.


Based on that, there doesn't seem to be a cloud issue at the moment.

I see. Thanks for the info. 


Another question, our company has 2 ISPs. If one of them has an issue on their backend or did some rerouting, does this affect the MX?

Kind of a big deal

The MX dies a constant connectivity check to the internet:

If one ISP messes something up, the MX falls over to the other ISP. It takes some time, but eventually the traffic lands on the "working" ISP.

Thanks for the reply. I guess their is an issue with Meraki's cloud. It becomes okay now.

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