L2TP VPN with Meraki MX and LOB app

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L2TP VPN with Meraki MX and LOB app

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I have a general question about L2TP VPNs with the Meraki MX appliances. Will the l2tp pass traffic on specific ports? I’m not talking about the port that the VPN connects on. 
Here is my situation:


I have a mobile server that runs in a vehicle. 
I have LTE cellular connectivity to the van that transports the server. The “server” is running on a laptop and a windows operating system. 

We have computers in the office that upload data to and from the server in the van in real time. The application uses specific ports to send data to and from the laptops in the office.


I would like to setup a Meraki MX in the office. Additional I plan to configure the L2TP VPN and have the mobile server connect to the VPN to establish connectivity to the office. 

My question is will data pass on the specific ports while connected to the L2TP vpn?

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Yes what you want to do is possible, however one thing that would be hand to know is will the MX be installed behind another router/firewall or will it be connected directly to the internet?


You will need to create firewall rules allowing traffic from the VPN subnet to the LAN subnet.

It will be directly to the internet. Behind the ISP’s modem. 

ISP Modem > Meraki MX

In which case you will just need to add access rule from the VPN subnet to the LAN subnet.


You would probably be better off with a cellular based MX in the van so then you can setup a site to site VPN which would be more reliable than L2TP.

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