MX roadmap for three or more WAN uplinks


MX roadmap for three or more WAN uplinks

is there any roadmap or tentative date when MX will be supporting more than 2 WAN uplinks?

Kind of a big deal

The new MX family has more than 2 dedicated WAN interfaces.




Sadly, also the new models are restricted to only two active WAN ports.

So sad. 🙁

Yes, but only 2 active. I heard that in new software release more interfaces would be activated in higher models but not sure if it's just gossip or true.

Kind of a big deal

Meraki really doesn't like to talk about roadmaps. Being able to use more than two WANs is quite often asked here in the community. But probably the core of the MX has to be changed significantly to make it work. Don't wait for it, likely it won't happen soon. But tell Meraki that you want to have this every time possible.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I wouldn't count on it in the next couple of years.  I would love to be surprised, but hardware as old as the MX100 had more than two WAN ports.  I have repeatedly asked for more than two active WANs but have always been told that it is not on the roadmap, even though the development team know there is interest in the feature.


Realistically I understand why as I think that the load balancing between the two existing WANs needs to be more controllable, before they consider more than two active WANs.

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