IPsec Tunnel to VMware NSXv - Cant seeem to get it to work......

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IPsec Tunnel to VMware NSXv - Cant seeem to get it to work......

Im trying to setup a IPsec tunnel to a VMware NSXv but it fails.

We have tried IKEv1, IKEv2 but it just fails.


Has anyone ever tried to set this up ?


The config options are very limited in both ends (and the debugging options are horrible on the MX end), so we are kind of at a loss.


We think that it might be because the MX sends the configured nets as 3 packets (one for each net, proxy ID something), as to where the NSX sends one with all nets ?


Im at a loss....




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I have never tried with NSXv but I have tried to setup vpn between two mx in different organizations, so had to use 3rd party vpn. 

I had quite a challenge to make it work, until I have found that the Private subnets advertised by Meraki has to be specified exactly as it is configured on the box. 


If you have configured two /24 networks, you should specify in the "Private subnets" the same two networks, you can't supernet them as one /23.


Maybe this helps.


Well that part I kinda knew 🙂


Its just so strange.

We simply cannot get this to work.

Kind of a big deal

Just looking back on your comment around the MX sending the subnets as three packets, and NSX expecting them as one, have you tried just a single subnet?

Yeah, sorry we cant do that in this network at the moment.

Because its already also running a IpSec to Azure (that works just fine 🙂 ).


And lets say that worked, what should we do then ?

I dont really see a workaround 😕, but perhaps Im missing something.


I have tried some packet capture, to see if I could troubleshoot the problem , but all I see is the 6 initial packets back and forth, and then just an information packet. Then it starts over.



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