Source IP and/or VLAN mismatch

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Source IP and/or VLAN mismatch



I have a D-Link DES-1210 switch connected to a MX64 LAN port. On the D-Link I have set the management VLAN to 2 and the management IP static as


Everything is working except I see error messages every 12 hours in the MX log like this (Full MAC removed by me):


source_client_mac: 70:62:xx:xx:xx:xx
source_client_assigned_vlan: 1
last_illegal_ip_mapped_vlan_id	2


VLAN 2 has been created on the MX without a DHCP server and is allowed on the port connected to the D-Link. At the D-Link end the port is tagged with VLAN 2 (and tagged with other VLANS) and un-tagged with VLAN 1.


Any thoughts? Is this a D-Link bug?




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Meraki Employee


Please make sure the port configuration between your MX and D-link switch are both using the same native VLAN. Based on your D-link configuration, the native VLAN is 1.
The reason for the alert is that the MX detects that MAC address to be sending traffic using VLAN 2 but its IP is on VLAN 1 from MX's perspective.

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Thanks for your suggestion, I have configured it as:


On the MX64 I have a LAN port with:

  • Native VLAN1 (default)
  • Allowed VLANs: 1,2,20,30,40

On the D-Link port at the other end of the cable I have:

  • Tagged VLANs: 2,20,30,40
  • Untagged VLANs: 1
  • PVID: 1

Is this correct?

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