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IKEv2 support on MX devices

Kind of a big deal

Re: IKEv2 support on MX devices

@ChrisStewart there are a number of ways they could persue this.


You could make it so the system tries to establish an IKEv2 connection and then drops back to IKEv1.  ASA's can do this.  This would involve no GUI changes, but it would break some things so support would have to be able to change it.


They could provide an extra "toggle" so it can be set per-non Meraki VPN.


One thing I do know - they will be wanting to make it Meraki simple.

New here

Re: IKEv2 support on MX devices

We had been using the Beta firmware and IKEV2 tunnels with success, but then our MX84 started rebooting every 11 minutes. In oneday it rebooted over 200 times with a lot of very unhappy users.


The issue was caused by an exception in a process which caused flash drive to fill and run out of space, to clear the space the unit would restart.


This is a known issue in the beta firmware, as a result we had to downgrade and have now lost the IKEV2 tunnels.


We urgently need to see IKEV2 ability in the 14 firmware, or the 15 beta issues fixed.

Getting noticed

Re: IKEv2 support on MX devices

WE ended up using the Virtual MX in Azure and it has been very stable for Months now.

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