Can I change an Ethernet port to act as a third Internet backup link?

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Can I change an Ethernet port to act as a third Internet backup link?

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This is the scenario.


I have an MX84 which ports 1 and 2 will act as primary and secondary internet links (WAN 1 and WAN 2). However, since internet links will not be installed by the commissioning day I have been planning to get a 4G temporary router plugged to port 3 in the MX and somehow get it configured as a second internet backup link (WAN 3) in case the 2 internet links fail.


Is it possible? Can anyone guide me through a similar solution?


Thank you very much in advance.






Kind of a big deal

That is not possible. You can use a 4G USB stick but only for backup purposes.
Kind of a big deal

Since you are only doing this because the two other main circuits are not ready - why not plug the 4G router into one of the two free WAN ports?

@PhilipDAth has a great point, use one of the WAN ports if you can.  If not I would get a new modem for your 3G/4G line of service and utilize the USB port.  


See here:





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I have not tried this but you could give it a go.  4G Router plugs into Ethernet port and add a static route to that hop on addressing & VLANS > Add Static Route

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