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I have had several complaints about users spending too much time on google hangouts and management has asked that I block it.   


My problem is simply blocking does not work in the security appliance URL blocking and simply blocking will not be a solution for obvious reasons.


has anyone face this problem and what is the solution ?



Kind of a big deal

Tell them if they are caught using hangouts they will be written up and can lose their job 😉


Seriously though, blocking applications like that can be very difficult because they use so many different domains and IP blocks to operate.  And whatever they use now could change without notice.


If you really want to try to do this at the Meraki level your best bet is probably to run packet captures while using Hangouts and see what common URL's and IP addresses you may be able to restrict without breaking other services.


Good luck. 

right...   I will be updating and sending out a new internet usage policy later this week.  but I was hoping that there was a way to do this without blocking google all together.  

perhaps an application layer rule.  either way, this has been a bit of a challenge.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Try blocking:

Trying to block anything owned by Google is difficult as a lot of their services are intertwined. As mentioned I suggest a company warning is sent out and them monitor users. 


Blocking it would be easiest but I think you will have problems achieving this.

thanks Blake,  I agree.  I typically do not hit up message boards for help but this one particular issue has been a pain.



thanks for the suggestion,  I did add and we will see if it works..  Not very optimistic tho.

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