Moving Device From One org to another

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Moving Device From One org to another



I have a doubt while moving the devices from one origination to another origination


1. When i move the device from Org A to Org B --> theoretically i would lose all the configuration correct?


Kind of a big deal

See the following link:


  • Only organization administrators have the necessary permissions to move a device between organizations.
  • The process of removing and adding a device may cause brief downtime (typically 5-10 minutes) while the device moves between organizations.
  • The static IP addressing set on the devices will remain unchanged.
  • The dashboard configuration that is applied to the device will not migrate to the new organization.
  • Licenses cannot be transferred between different customers.
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I understand that.

When i migrate the box, the Layer 3 policies, Layer 7 and content filtering and routing configuration will that also get deleted as well?


This is my basic question?


so PPPoE configuration will be also get deleted?

@saxenanitesh852 Yes you will lose those settings. As for static and PPPoE settings on an MX, I have had mixed results with those staying on the device. I would suggest counting on the device losing those settings, and be happy if/when the device keeps those settings.

Meraki team gave us this suggestion as we are having issues in Auto VPN + 3rd party VPN.


In the new Org they want us to run only Auto VPN and see if the issues goes away.


My issue is redoing all the configuration for all the sites.

If you are moving the devices to a brand new organization, meraki support can do an 'Org Split' which will retain all device settings (but history data like client info will not be retained.This 'Org Split' only works when creating a new Org. It cannot move devices into an existing Org.

I asked them the same thing, we are doing an Organization Split for some of the devices and transfer those license and he said no we cannot do that.

We created an new organization and asked him to move to that organization but support declined.

That's strange. I know their tool was broken for a while. But we just did a large org split last week after they fixed the tool. 

We request that we want to do a organization split but support said cannot. I have created a new organization but they are saying we can only do license transfer remaining have to be done by u.

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