Apple Apps Downloading slow

Comes here often

Apple Apps Downloading slow

It is taking Apple apps a very longtime to download. This just started in the last few weeks. There is no Traffic shaping or any other rules restricting speeds.  This is only on our devices we run through our MDM.  I am new to Meraki, so any help is appreciated.

Kind of a big deal

@MikeBorn  Try disabling advanced malware protection and then turn it back on, sometimes this gets stuck and causes slow downloads.


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If you have a spare mac you can put on that network you could also enable content caching which will help speed up app installs. 

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Kind of a big deal

Is it only Apple apps and nothing else?


Might simply be Apple's servers being busier than normal with people working from home, killing some time, and downloading apps and playing with their phones.

Unrelated to OP Just got off phone with our office in Singapore... They are having the same issue and it's 100% only affecting Apple devices specifically when restoring iphone with cloud store itunes.... speed on everything else is unaffected. Have always used google DNS... Will try pointing them to an in country isp DNS to see if helps. MX250 with ADSec lic... Will also try disabling AMP as I have read it gets stuck.... Our tech also told me that he has spoken to other techs in our offices abroad in Tokyo and China... China rules out Google DNS as the culprit, no google in China and differing dashboard....

Comes here often

Turned Advanced Malware protection completely off and left it off.  Same slow downloading.

Are any of you having issues using an Apple Caching Server?


If so, you might try restarting it if you haven't. I know here that if we see issues with Apple downloading slowly it is due to the caching server and after a restart performance goes back to normal.

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