Bridge vs NAT

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Bridge vs NAT

I have a customer's network set up with a GX50 and 2 - GR12s.


The issue I am having is the customer reported that when connected to the WiFi, they can not connect to the server.


When I set this up a few months ago there was no issues, so I am not sure when and how the issue started.


The addressing for the network is 192.168.5.x and all the wired devices work without issue.


The devices that are connected via WiFi have the address 10.x.x.x.


I think I know what is causing the issue, but before I shotgun the solution I need to hear from the community.


On the dashboard, Settings->Advanced Setting->Wireless Translation Mode->Pick the SSID and there are two options Bridged and NAT.  It is currently set to NAT.  From what I read setting it to Bridged will fix the issue.


Am I correct.  Support has not been very much help.




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You are correct with one caveat/assumption that you have something (like the GX50) serving addresses via DHCP on 192.168.5.x


If not, clients will connect to WiFi, but not get assigned an IP address.

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Thanks for responding


Yes the GX50 is acting as a DHCP server.  Bridging the WAPs will assign IPs from the GX50.



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@LNL02360 Yes, when I was newer to the ecosystem they do in-face default that mode, I always double check them after my initial setup before giving clients the passwords to the wifi, you picked a great platform. They have their growing pains but they have great hardware and they working out the software bugs. 

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