website issue / miss linking

Head in the Cloud website issue / miss linking

Hi all,


Not sure where to direct this one @CarolineS 


I noticed last week that the links on the Meraki site are not quite correct, I presumed they would be fixed but its been a good while now. The issue is easy to miss


When you head on down to


The MS210 and MS225 both link to the 225. You can get to the 210 if you change the URL so it looks like a misliking to me. How do you report these issues?


I also noticed that the switch comparison page doesn't show anything above the 350 in the comparison tables, seems like the 355 and 390 should be present?



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Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks @Nick! I'm happy to be the recipient of these reports (posting here in Off the Stack is fine); I'll pass them on to our web team.


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Head in the Cloud

No problem! @CarolineS 


Could cause a bit of confusion the switch miss link!

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